93-11 Dakota Crew Cab/Quad Cab – Single 10″ Box

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A custom opening is a different cut-out diameter than our standard. – Please review our “Before You Order Section”, before selecting Custom Opening.

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Subwoofer Enclosure Specifications

♦Single or Pair 10″ Subwoofer Enclosure
♦12” available for an up-charge, may require shallow mounts
♦Forward Firing Enclosure
♦Platinum Spring Loaded Terminal
♦100% American-made GREEN enclosure
♦Installation: Fits behind rear seat, great for many tight spaces.

Fits the Following Vehicles

♦93 – 11 Dakota Crew / Quad Cab

Speaker Box Technical Specifications

Width: 13 1/2″
Height: 12 1/2″
Top Depth: 2 3/4″
Bottom Depth: 7 1/4″
(Vb) Air Volume per Sub: .38″
Mounting Depth: 4 11/16″
Hole Openings: 2 – 10″
Manufacturer: Audio Enhancers

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2 reviews for 93-11 Dakota Crew Cab/Quad Cab – Single 10″ Box

  1. Mike Verified Owner

    I’ve had this box installed in my truck for 6 weeks now and it’s perfect for me. I drive a 2000 dodge dakota (Quad Cab, SLT), and this box (RS38) fits perfectly behind the back seat. It no longer folds up, but that’s a small trade off for me. I wrote in to Xtreme Mobile Solutions and their rep Mayra was extremely helpful in getting me a custom cut box to fit my Pioneeer TS-SW2501S4 subwoofer. The box is sealed so it doesn’t give you a boomy sound, but it has nice tight punches for my music and I feel it doesn’t drown out the rest of the music. I’m the type who likes a nice balance of all the ranges but I know you crank the bass on this setup to get your mirrors vibrating. Overall, this is the perfect setup for anyone wanting bass in their truck while giving up little space. I’d suggest this to anyone since the closest alternatives (like a MTX thunderform) are over twice the cost.

  2. Grant Verified Owner

    I bought this box with the 12" opening about 3 years ago, to go with my Pioneer 12" shallow sub. Then, I had no idea about ohms or wattages or air space for the sub, so my 1500w max/ 600w rms sub could sound better if I had done my research. Overall, good box, well built, had to take a dremmel to the hole cut out because it was too small for my pioneer (the pioneer’s plastic bevil stuck out too much) but after shaving 1/5" off, it fit perfectly. In hindsight I would have just built my own sub box and altered the dimensions some to give me more volume in the box, but overall it hits hard and will turn heads sitting in traffic. Still deciding if I want to get two more boxes in the 10" opening and replace my 12" because the sound has become distorted, probably from playing it too loud for too long.

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