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Before You Order:

All Subwoofers Are Not Created Equal; subwoofers have complete specifications, dimensions, and features listed. To ensure the proper fit of your subwoofer, consider your subwoofer requirements vs. the features of the enclosure before purchasing.
What are your Subwoofer Cut-Out Requirements?

The cut-out diameter is the size of the hole in which the subwoofer will be mounted. If the cut-out diameter is too small, the subwoofer basket will not allow the sub to sit flush and create a tight seal. If the cut-out diameter is too large, the mounting holes may need more room to affix to the enclosure securely.

Your subwoofer’s requirements cut-out dimensions must match the subwoofer box’s cut-out dimensions.

Our enclosures come with round standard cut-outs;

  • 8” – 7 1/8”
  • 10” – 9 1/8”
  • 12 – 11 1/8”

Not all subwoofers require the standard cut-out; some require a different diameter. For example, the JL W7 Series requires a different size cut-out diameter than the standard.

If we need to cut a different cut-out diameter, it will be considered a custom opening and require a $25 upcharge. Most of the time, custom openings are not a problem; however, there is a possibility that the enclosure you are purchasing may not accommodate a different size cut-out.

What are your Subwoofer Mounting Depth Requirements?

The subwoofer needs to be able to create a tight seal when being mounted, so if the subwoofer cannot sit flush to the surface when mounted, it will be tough to create a proper seal.

You need to know the mounting depth requirements of your subwoofer. If you purchase a box that is too shallow for your subwoofer, your subwoofer will not fit.

What are Your Subwoofer’s Airspace Requirements?

If your enclosure is too small or too large in terms of volume, the performance of your subwoofer can suffer.

The airspace requirements of your subwoofer should match the airspace in the subwoofer box you are purchasing.

The manufacturer should provide the requirements of your subwoofer airspace.

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